Faithful by Janet Fox

It’s the Spring of 1904 and Maggie a 16-year-old Newport girl is ready to plan her society debut.  Though troubled by the recent disappearance and presumed death of her mother, Maggie is ready to move on and take her place in society.  Her father however, has other plans.  He announces to Maggie that they will be taking a trip out west, to Montana.  Maggie is shocked by the news but agrees to go with her father because he hints that the trip may help them find her mother and he assures her that they will return in time for her debut.  Nothing about the trip goes as Maggie planned.  In Montana she finds her life turned upside down and full of unanticipated surprises. Janet Fox offers an interesting window into sedate society life in turn of the century Newport.  Her depiction of the early days of Yellowstone National Park is enchanting.  Most of the characters are interesting and multidimensional.  She does a particularly good job with her characterization of Maggie, and the odious George Graybull.  However, the plot line about the mystery surrounding Maggie’s mother’s past was somewhat strained and far-fetched.  Overall, this was a good historical fiction read.

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